What are Gmail Labels

Benefits of having Gmail Labels

Whether you are in Business or just use Gmail for personal use, Gmail labels are an   amazing tool to have! Having labels keeps your inbox a lot more organized and clean; they are like folders. It also makes it easier to find certain types of emails. Here are some features of Gmail Labels:

  • You see the label next to the title.

  • You can put labels into labels! For instance, Business – Freelance Clients – Andy. This means I have a main label called Business, with a sub-label for my Freelance Clients, and then a folder for my client named Andy. This is if you really love organization!

  • You can choose to hide certain labels from your list on the side. Sometimes you can get carried away and have a lot of them which takes up a lot of space, so hiding them helps.

Extra Tip: Real Estate Agents

If you are doing Real Estate and use a Gmail account, labels are great to use. I will show below how it looks when you label a email. When you label an email, it shows it next to the title of the email. So lets say you have people responding to ads for a 1 bedrooms apartment on the Upper East Side. I would setup multiple folders. One would be for one bedrooms, another for upper east side, and I may have one for price ranges. Then I would take the email and put multiple labels on it. When you mark the email for multiple labels it’ll be in every folder, but also next to the email in the inbox it’ll show the titles of the labels ex: 1bdr, UES, $2k-$4k. This way if I go into a folder for 1 bedrooms for instance, I can see without clicking into the email which is in the right area and the price range!

Get Started!

Log into your Gmail account. Then check out the left hand side panel. Here you see labels Gmail has already created for you.

You can change these by going to settings which is the little wheel on the upper right hand corner. I circled it below. Once you click on settings, you will see the tab labels. As you can see you can choose to press show or hide for all of them. The ones towards the bottom called Circles is for Google Plus. If you don’t ever use Google Plus or don’t want to see it then just press Hide and all of them will hide. You can also choose if it shows in the message list.

One feature I like is showing if any unread emails come in. Lets say you have a label you don’t need to see on the left hand side all the time because it takes up space, so if you set up your filters for certain emails to go directly to this label then you can use this feature for the label to show up when an unread email comes in. To change filters just click on filters which is above where labels is listed. Then press create a new filter and fill out the information.gmail labels 1

Or when the email comes into your inbox, press the folder icon next to the trash icon and press the label you want to move it to. That way it goes into the label folder and labels it at the same time.

Create a New Label

There are a few ways to do this. On the left hand side go to the bottom of the list and press more then the list should expand and you’ll see create new label and manage labels. Manage labels will take you back to the page where we saw the hide and show options. This is an easier way if you want to create multiple labels and start adjusting all the settings. If you press create a new label, then it’ll show a box in which you type in the name of the label. If you want it nested into another label then just select that from the list. Another way to create a label is by pressing the folder icon above where the trash can icon is and the tag icon next to it will have the same.

You can make the labels on the left hand side with colors and change its settings by pressing on the arrow next to the label.

This is how it looks like when you labeled something.