Why And How To Use Google Voice?

Why use Google Voice?

Google voice is great to have another number. You can use this number for business, or just to have an other number in any state. When you sign up for Google Voice, all activity is recorded. You can go online and view call history, voicemails, and text messages. If someone leaves a voicemail, Google Voice tries to transcript it. I hate to say Google isn’t so good at figuring out what the person is saying, but at least you can replay the message on the same page.

How to get Google Voice

To start using Google Voice, you can start by going on your mobile phone and type in m.Google.com/Voice. There you can download the Google voice app. Or if you would like, you can go to the app store on your phone and search for the app there. When you download the app, it’ll prompt you for your Gmail information. Once you do that, it’ll prompt you to choose a Google Voice number. You can use your mobile number to be synced up, or choose a new number that is strictly Google Voice.

Google Voice on Your Computer

All features of Google Voice that are on your mobile phone are also on the computer. When having Google Voice, you can make phone calls and send a text from your computer. If someone calls you while you are logged into your gmail account, your computer will even start ringing! How cool is that?

Online, you can see when you have a missed call or text. You can also listen to any voicemails callers have left you.

To make international calls, you will have to add credits to your account which is shown on the screen. If click on the plus icon next to credits you will see options to add credits and to manage how much money should be in your account at all times. You can even change the currency.

If you would like to change the language of Google Voice, you can also do this on your computer. Just click on the account tab and you will see the drop down box for language and to change your time zone.

If you would like to see or change your contacts, you can click contacts on the left hand side and go through the list you have. Here you can add, edit, and delete contacts. These are all the contacts that are linked to your Gmail account.

Google voice website on here: https://voice.google.com