Australian Air Safety Bureau Probes Smoking iPhone

Australia’s aviation safety watchdog stated Tuesday it had been looking into after an Apple apple iphone apparently started glowing red-colored and giving off smoke following a flight to Sydney a week ago.Australian company Regional Express (Rex) stated a passenger’s mobile “began giving off a lot of dense smoke, supported with a red-colored glow” following the plane touched lower in the town of Lismore on Friday.
“We’re looking into, the correct answer is in early stages within the analysis,” a spokesperson for that Australian Transport and Safety Bureau (ATSB) told AFP Tuesday.

“However, we all do possess the phone, it’s within our custody of the children, and we’ll be undertaking a technical study of it.
“We are meeting with directly involved parties and in our technical study of the telephone we will be talking to using the manufacturer too.Inch

Regional Express stated a flight ticket attendant had extinguished the red-colored glow consistent with standard procedure with no-you been hurt within the incident which has additionally been reported towards the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).