Why I Love the Speck Card iPhone Case

“Here,” she says, tossing a purple iPhone case in my lap. “I have two, so you can have this one. Happy Christmabirthtine’s Day!”

I replied, “but I have an iPhone case. See? It’s even purple. Plus, it’s a total pain in the ass to get on my phone the day I bought it. So I don’t want to break my phone taking it off.”

“but you don’t have one of these cases….”

The case she handed me was a Speck FlexCase Card Case for my iPhone 5. I reluctantly (and with some force) took my phone out of the old case and easily slipped the Speck Case on to the precious cargo. It felt bulkier in my hand than the case I had been using, and now my phone matched my sisters, so at family dinners, I knew we’d constantly be picking up each other’s phones, but little did I know how I would come to love, and even consider keeping a crappy phone just so I could keep the Speck Card Case.

I slipped my debit card, my ID, and my Costco card in to the 3-card slot in the back of the case and slipped my phone into my pocket.

The time came when I was over a year out of contract, my iPhone 5 was sluggish and buggy, and the iPhone 6 was hitting the shelves. I had a choice to make. The new CandyShell Card Case was not yet available, so I knew I’d be Speck-caseless for some time. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

It wasn’t until I didn’t have one anymore that I realized just how much I loved and depended my Speck Card Case. I loved not having to dig around in my bag for my wallet while at the grocery store. I loved being able to just throw my phone in my pocket and my key lanyard around my neck and I knew I had everything I needed, including two free hands, to spend the day at the park, or the zoo, or the grocery store, or… or… or… you get the picture. Phones go EVERYWHERE with us, but we don’t always need everything in our bags! I loved the remarks people would make about my cool case, because I have never had anything but awesome reviews for this little genius invention!

Now, you guys know I understand the value of a buck. I know y’all work hard for your money and I often talk about being intentional with your resources and not to waste your money on things you don’t need, or to find less costly solutions. But I am here to tell you, this Speck Card Case (The FlexCase for the iPhone 5/5s and the CandyShell for the iPhone 6/6 Plus) is worth every.single.penny of the $39.95. It’s a sleek design in appealing colors, and most importantly, it does it’s job of protecting your phone well. I mean, it “meets or exceed military standards” in drop tests!!

As soon as the cases were made available, I added it to my Amazon Wish List for Christmas this year, but Christmas came early when I received one to review on my blog! I am son glad I get to keep spreading the good word about the Speck Card Case, but I am even more glad to have this little hero protecting my phone from disaster.