Freedom App For Phones and Tablets Internet Blocker

The Freedom App employs a revolutionary approach to productivity. After starting the app, you’re locked offline for the time of your choosing. What happens next, the New York Times writes, is you experience the relief of having “no option but to ignore the incessant tweets and e-mail messages and videos.” In other words, you get stuff done.

Over 500,000 people use and love our desktop software, and we stand behind it. Freedom comes with phone and email support and a 60-day money back guarantee.

Target your blocks

Choose what you’d like to have blocked: phone calls, cell and wifi data, or bluetooth. Or block them all to completely block distractions and increase focus.

Phones and tablets

Compatible with over 85% Android phones and tablets (Android 2.3+). Purchase once from the app store and use across all your family’s devices.

Pick your strength

Choose the strength of your blocks. In lite mode a reboot will allow escape of a Freedom session. In strong mode there’s no way to circumvent a Freedom session.

Great for students and parents

If you or your child are using an Android tablet as part of your studies, Freedom is essential for ensuring that time spent on the tablet is not time spent online.

Download address: Google Play