Travel Ball Nation Tournaments

The Player / Team HookUp is for Teams or Players who are looking to help out for an upcoming weekend or tournament. Ideal for a Team who may be missing a few players for an upcoming tournament because of vacations, etc. Or for a player whose team may be off, but still wants to get some work in. Teams looking for a Player are in Blue and Players looking for a Team are in Red. If you want to list yourself, just CLICK the button below.

The TEAM / SCRIMMAGE HOOKUP is here so that teams who are looking to set up a scrimmage have an easy place to find other teams looking to do the same. If you have a field and are looking for another team to scrimmage against – or if you are a team who needs to sneak in a quick scrimmage to get ready for an upcoming tournament – check it out. TEAMS who already have a FIeld are in Blue and TEAMS without a field but looking to Scrimmage are Red. If you want to list yourself, just CLICK the button below.

Are you tired of tournaments where there are so many blowouts (either you or the other team gets mercied). Or perhaps you sign up for a tournament thinking there are 7 or 8 teams – then when brackets are posted there are only 4 or 5 (or sometimes ages drop off all together)? Well, the KEEPING THEM HONEST section is here to help you gauge which Organizations are running the best and most competitive tournaments by listing the percentage of games won by 8 or more points. We are also KEEPING THEM HONEST about inflating their WHO’S COMING list by listing the percentage of teams who actually play versus the number of teams they list in the days leading up to the tournament.

The percentage of games won by 8 or more
runs. The Lower the Percentage – the better
and more evenly matched tournament.

The percentage of teams on the Organizations
WHO’S COMING list who actually show up. Lets you know who’s “Cooking the Books”

TRAVELBALL NATION will be back up and running this coming season. Thanks So Much to everyone who has emailed telling me they have missed the site. I have missed running it – but had to take some time off. But we look forward to seeing you all soon.

In the Meantime, we are helping JUST WANNA PLAY BALL with a tournament at our favorite Spot at Birdsall Park in Temecula with a 2-Day tournament on April 23-24. I know it’s short notice, but if you dont have plans for that weekend yet and would like to come out and play, you know we always run the best and most fun tournaments – and at the nicest fields with the Fairest Prices !!! So we hope to see you there.