What Happens When You Go Just A Bit Too Fast On Your BRP

Ever wonder what happens when you go just a bit too fast on your BRP, forget common sense lessons such as “What’s on the other side of this hill?”, and combine the two? This is the result of bombing a knoll at 70 some odd mph and connecting head on with a 1200 pound round haybale.

The results were:

1: Death of the haybale. Blew it in half, left it standing on end, and moved it 35 feet.

2: Near death of my beloved BRP. Repairs included forks, cracked headstock on frame, a radiator that was only 2″ wide, handguards, both wheels, subframe, WB “R” series slip-on, all plastic except the tank. 1900 dollars to rebuild after buying back as salvage from the insurance company.

3: Loss of all my riding gear but my Tech 8’s.

4: Near death of me! Severe concussion that still creates memory problems after almost 3 years. Shattered distal ends of radius and ulna in both wrists, broken lh femoral neck, several inches of lh femoral shaft shattered. 3.5 weeks in icu, 1.5 weeks in a rehab center, 8 weeks in a walker, 5 months on crutches, 9 months of PT, 10 months out of work, 1 year off bike. On December 15 of ’04 I go in for surgery # 9 to remove the last of the below pictured hardware, the intramedullary nail and distal locking screws, and the screws in my femoral neck.

Wanna bomb that blind hill or scream a trail you’ve never been on? Think again!