Who is Monyetta Shaw

5 Things You Need to Know about Monyetta Shaw | Biography, Wiki and Net Worth

  • 1. She is the only cast member that was never married. Monyetta and Ne-Yo, her former lover were engaged but the couple never went through with a marriage. Medai outlets speculated that the relationship was forced to stop gay rumors surrounding the R&B singer. What’s disturbing about the relationship is Ne-Yo broke up with Monyetta via instagram. He posted a pic of the couple with the caption “fate has decided to split our paths in different directions. Know that I will always love you.” This odd way of ending an engagement spurred further rumors about the singer’s sexuality.  In a recent interview on Entertainment Tonight, the Atlanta Exes star says it ended because he did not want to be monotonous.
  • 2. Monyetta is best friends with Basketball Wives LA star Malaysia. Shaw and Pargo have been friends for several years. The ladies have been open about their friendship on social media posting pics of them hanging out and attending events. Following Shaw’s breakup with Ne-Yo she had tweeted that her girls had her back and tagged Pargo in the tweet.
  • 3. Monyetta has two beautiful kids by Ne-Yo. Their names Evan Smith and Madilyn Grace Smith.  Madilyn was born in November 12th 2010 and the couple gave birth to her little brother Mason October 9th 2011. He was born around 6 pounds. In an interview at the ASAP American Writer’s Guild Award where Ne-Yo was honored he mentioned his children have been blessed with his musical genes. “They make everything a song” he said. Monyetta has posted pics of the ids singing on instagram. Evan looks exactly like Ne-Yo, I’m just saying. Hollywood Street King reported that they had a viable source claiming Ne-Yo paid Monyetta to have his children and the entire engagement was just a publicity stunt.
  • 4. She still lives in Ne-Yo’s house despite their separation. In her 2014 interview with Rocsi Diaz, Monyetta says she and Ne-Yo remain friends and to help raise their children she still lives in his home. She took Rocsi on a tour of the multi million dollar mansion in Georgia. According to TMZ he bought the mansion in 2012 for only $550,000.
  • 5. Ne-Yo’s net worth is $30 million. He even earned $1 million from royalties of Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. Ne-Yo’s own singing career has allowed him a handsome earning but it’s his song writing for even bigger celebrities like Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, and a plethora of others that has earned him his millions. Ne-yo receives quarterly checks from BMG publishing for his song writing credits.